by Lucian The Wolfbearer

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released 31 March 2014



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Track Name: Summerland
An awakening of hymn
The Cold of elder touches the soul
within the frightening mist a glow

Close, The casket, the creeping death builds fourth
The faces of Void, upheavel of the earth and worlds
So your standing alone, and the godless black, levitates the sould
do you hear me, do you feel me

through empty flames, the guiding light, unmists the path
the haunting, flame

the path I fear
A death like creeping feeling
Its haunting me, the empty void, Its haunting me

The seasons of dim, risen before
The hymn of fate, undying

Under the light, of the fallen sky, out of the gray
The feeling of warm, Buried the darkness and decay

The time has come, risen from the gallows of the earth
Beauty in creeping death, followed by the oceans of the old
We plunder the mountains
of the empty void
a spiritual awakening of summerland

Fourth, in being infinite, rebirth from death, to enter the summer land
The guiding plane, undying

Enlightenment, release me from my tomb,
bring me light, bring me home