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Huabin Zhou Atmospheric, epic death doom with a profound shade of paganism...
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re released april 2016
written in 2012


released April 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Lucian The Wolfbearer Cleveland, Ohio


Lucian The Wolfbearer is a Death Doom l project that was risen in early 2010. Songwriting/Vocals/all instruments done by Sean M Kratz

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Track Name: The Wanderer
A Serpents Flame
and the hollow of the gods
windbitten frost of helms, glorious blood, crimson poison

Origin of the forest light
twilight, foe travels of Hel
and the wolf bears the seal of fate
there seldom is a single wave

- placed before, one eye
- it is, darkest before dawn
sire of hosts, ever lives Odin

Ravaging Wolves among croaking ravens
haste of fallen men bare foe, the birth of fathomless blood
Hidden within the elder, the runes bare of many names
seer of sight, weird spirit of old
the will to sacrifice, lays to all that is woe

- placed before, one eye
- it is, darkest before dawn

Hail all father, grant me sacrifice
to ride the skies of ymir, a elders song,
blood of ancient, light
Track Name: Heimdall
The Skull, Cosmic sight, Yggdrasil buries deep within
Futhark of the old, Foreknowing whats to come
Brighten my path towards Ancient Ash

- Keep me in your bliss -
- Help me become like ancients -

Worldbrightener, Keeper of Men
Mead where the rivers untold
A cosmic seer among gods
A hollow torrent, under the tree of old

- keep me in your bliss -
-help me become like the ancients -

A crown of fallen embers
Like the wanes he knew the future well
In fear quake all who on hels roads
Burning horn of cosmic Sei∂ wheels
Track Name: It Is Darkest Before Dawn
Destined, Ghoulish Intent
Devouring the dire of men
Oracle of pestilence, Freed by the will of woe
Impending the law of the dreadful
Divining the black sun, withered by ancient roots
Buried beneath the truth
Cosmic grave invoking
Bane of wicked name
The sinister haunting
Roots of nightmares grip
To conjure deaths titan

The Taste of blood
To bare the crown of the wolf
Canon of war, the sign of glorious day
Till were taken by the Valkyrie
Haunted by the howls, ritual of kings
No iron is torn upon me
The giant of grim
Hollowed eerie gaze
the pale haunt
vision of divine a vail in seers eyes
Track Name: Sei∂r
Casting Stones of forbidden light
The drifting shores of existence plane
To travel the cosmic parallels
Towards the many the prophets say

- To Touch pale ground
-To Fell Asguardian light
- The sei∂r of Giant

Diviner, veil of weird
Mother natures common tougue
Shroud me in the oracle
Ancient Vanir, Mead the river of Odins name

- To Touch pale groud
- To feel Asguardian light
- The sei∂r of Giant
Track Name: The Helm of Awe
Colossus, crimson skies
The crown of runic hymn
Clash of being unfolds
Forged from ravens tiers
Creeping winds, Oracle
The divin unearthly shroud
The Hammer barring thorns
Break the cosmic grounds

- I wore before, The Sons of men
- Amongst all, alone I was strong
- Between my brow, The crown of wolf
- I bear the helm of awe

The legends ancients yarn
Fallen from the black moon
With seed conjured of hymn
Runes burn into the deepest wounds

- I wore before, The sons of men
- Amongst all, alone I was strong
- Between my brow, The crown of wolf
- I bear the helm of awe
Track Name: Fólkvangr
Combat upon death
risen to neverlands
Field of host, meadow of death
To break fallen bread
Disir of fallen haste
Valkyrie descent
The ninth hall Freyja decrees
in glorious beautiful death

- Risen from burials of the dead

Folkvangr, Freyja worship
abode for the dead
Cultic rites, mountain pyre
to relm of death
To honor her grace
roots of skaldic life
To bare the sword, for Folkvangr
Funeral rites

- Risen from burials of the dead
Track Name: Stormrider On Northern Winds
Wise one, A hollowing of the divine plane
Lead Wisdom to my soul, awaken cosmic blight
Battle Wolf, wanderer, grant me eternal bliss
Storm the primal streams, light the alter in darkness

- And the Storm, Runed Northern winds

Ancient Bidding, amongst old ash
Cosmic runes run through roots of yew
At rider, Northern blade, maelstrom of death
Plunder blooded skies, a hammer in darkness

- And the Storm, Runed Northern Winds

Ride into the storm
Hollowed by Northern winds
Track Name: Carrion Wyrms
Somber, Devour the breath , rip the empty skies
Aggressor of death, funeral hymns, ascending waves of rune
A haunting end, coffins fill of grim, vile victor
The bite of blade, deaths door, The worm of deep departure

The blighted terrain, sullen tied, cosmic dying grave
Birth of hel, serpent of gloom, the crust of scaring corpus fell through

Worm of death

Hellish, eater aspirant
legion roots monstrous
tail bitten, archfiend
the hammer strike you dead
Necrosis tomb, harrowing
the somber mourn in fear
Bane of light, withered grim
Titan of giants

Devour of death, wyrm of deep
Track Name: Runatyr
In Far Sight, Roots of Yew
Runes Run Through Veins within light
Ancient moon tides, Close in of mundane minds

Grasp at the vine, as runes fall
Heal of death, hear them call

The fire of aesir, conjured the roots, through valhall
All father guide me, Bleed the steel, I wrote up through the call

Grast at the vine, as runes fall
head of death, Hear them call

Track Name: Eldgammel
Ascend the beginning of time
Ancient Dwelling of divine
A path to solitude, dwell
A cosmic crack in the parallel

I can Talk to the gods
The ritual of fire purifies
The water sings in silence
Built from ymirs wells
Track Name: Brann I Øynene
A blaze of Pyre, The Venom of Funeral Rites
The Sullen Moon so cold
Fearless Vails The Harrowing crys
Haunting Somber Calls
Inspirit harden to the bone
Illuminate the path before me
The hellish devouring flame

Got my back against the wall
Spirit to harden my heart
The embers bore into grim
Horrid faceless hell within
To descend into the great hall
spirit to harden my heart
The fearless embers divide vains
Within the fire in his eyes ablaze

Black Magic, Yawn of day
Avert the strife aflame
to swallow a fellow woe
Driven to the expel of foes
The descend, Hardened tears
Shield me from all fears
Hollow the staves burned into me
Sacrifice devours the flame

( Repeat chorus )
Track Name: Craftwork
Well of urd
Grant me your mead
to cosmic unity

Odin, see me
Blaze in honor of the Gods
Feed the ancient craft

Wise one, guide me
Into righteous planes
Mountains of glory

Well of urd
Burn Runes into my vains
A cosmic ancient craft